Frequently Asked Questions

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No, It is considered child abuse by law to tattoo a minor. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this law.

Yes, you must be at least 16 and your parent needs to be present.  We will need valid ID for both you and 
your parent, and will need to make a copy of your birth certificate.

Most tattoos take a few weeks to heal and during that time it is best to avoid long soaking, friction and 
scratching/picking. Sunburn (or tanning) can also damage a new tattoo and yield painful results.

Prices start at $40 (shop minimum) and are quoted by your artist according to several factors including 
design, size, and location.  Accurate price quotes require an artist being able to see your completed design in 
person and discuss the aspects of the piece with you.

Yes; however, appointments for tattoos are generally made in person. It is very difficult to provide any 
accurate quotes over the telephone or e-mail. Piercings are considered as walk ins although you may always 
call ahead to check on availability.

If you are happy with their work, please feel free to do so. Tips are always appreciated although not required.